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Monday 21ST May 2018 to Friday 25th May 2018
Practical Physical Education
Practical Auto Mechanics
Practical Woodwork
Practical Home Management
Practical Foods and Nutrition
Paper I: Performance Test, Music Technology/Alternative
Paper IV: Aural Music
Paper IV: Oral French
Paper IV: Oral Arabic
Practical Auto Body Repair and Spray Painting
Paper I: Auto Electrical Work
Practical Auto Mechanical Work
Practical Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Practical Welding and Fabrication, Engineering Craft Practice
Practical Electrical Installation & Maintenance Work
Practical Radio, Television and Electronics Work
Practical Blocklaying, Bricklaying and Concrete Work
Paper IV: Exhibition Painting and Decoration
Practical Plumbing and Pipe Fitting
Practical Machine Woodworking
Practical Carpentry and Joinery
Practical Furniture Making
Practical Upholstery
Practical Catering Craft Practice
Practical Garment Making
Practical Clothing and Textiles
Paper IV: Exhibition Dyeing and Bleaching
Paper IV: Exhibition Printing Craft Practice
Practical Cosmetology
Paper IV: Exhibition Photography
Paper IV: Exhibition Leather Goods, Manufacturing and Repair
Practical GSM Maintenance and Repairs
Paper IV: Progressive Assessments Animal Husbandry

Monday 28th May 2018
Practical Computer Studies 10:00am 1:00pm

Wednesday 30th May 2018
Practical Biology 10:00am 12:00noon
OBJ & Essay Office Practice 2:30pm 5:30pm
OBJ & Essay Auto Mechanics 2:30pm 5:00pm

Thursday 31st May 2018
OBJ & Essay Biology 10:00am 12:30pm
OBJ & Essay Government 2:00pm 4:40pm

Friday 1st June 2018
Paper III & I: Objective & Practical / Physical Geography 10:00am 12:30pm

Monday 4th June 2018
OBJ General Mathematics 10:00am 11:45am
Essay General Mathematics 12:00noon 2:30pm
OBJ & Essay Basic Electricity 3:15pm 5:30pm

Tuesday 5th June 2018
Practical Physics 10:00am 12:45pm
OBJ & Essay Economics 10:00am 1:00pm

Wednesday 6th June 2018
Practical Chemistry 10:00am 12:00noon
OBJ & Essay Civic Education 2:00pm 5:00pm

Thursday 7th June 2018
Essay & OBJ English Language 10:00am 12:45pm
Paper IV: Test of Orals English Language 1:00pm 1:45pm
OBJ & Essay Electronics 3:00pm 5:00pm
OBJ & Essay Insurance 3:00pm 5:40pm

Friday 8th June 2018
OBJ & Prose Literature in English 10:00am 12:15pm
OBJ & Essay Woodwork 10:00am 12:00noon

Monday 11th June 2018
Practical Agricultural Science 10:00am 11:30am
OBJ & Essay Christian Religious Studies 2:00pm 4:30pm
OBJ & Essay Islamic Studies 2:00pm 4:30pm

Tuesday 12th June 2018 to Friday 15th June 2018

Monday 18th June 2018
OBJ & Essay Chemistry 10:00am 1:00pm
Paper I: Drawing Building Construction 2:00pm 5:00pm
OBJ & Essay History 2:00pm 5:00pm

Tuesday 19th June 2018
OBJ Financial Accounting 10:00am 11:20am
Paper II: Theory & Practice Financial Accounting 11:20am 1:50pm
OBJ & Essay Home Management 2:30pm 5:00pm

Wednesday 20th June 2018
OBJ & Essay Physics 10:00am 1:00pm
OBJ & Essay Commerce 2:00pm 4:40pm

Thursday 21st June 2018
Paper I(b): Painting and Decoration (Practical) 10:00am 4:00pm
Paper I(b): Dyeing and Bleaching (Practical) 10:00am 4:00pm
Paper I(b): Printing Craft Practice (Practical) 10:00am 4:00pm
Paper I(b): Photography (Practical) 10:00am 4:00pm
Paper I(b): Leather Goods Manufacturing and Repair (Practical) 10:00am 4:00pm
Practical Mining 2 10:00am 12:00noon
Practical Fisheries 10:00am 11:30am
Practical Animal Husbandry 10:00am 11:30am
Paper IV: Drawing & Design Furniture Making 10:00am 12:00noon
Practical Stenography 10:00am 11:17am

Friday 22nd June 2018
OBJ & Essay Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration 10:00am 11:40am
OBJ & Essay Electrical Installation & Maintenance Work 10:00am 12:00noon
OBJ & Essay Blocklaying, Bricklaying & Concrete Work 10:00am 12:00noon
OBJ & Essay Machine Woodworking 10:00am 11:40am
OBJ & Essay Carpentry & Joinery 10:00am 12:00noon
OBJ & Essay Furniture Making 10:00pm 11:45am
OBJ & Essay Upholstery 10:00am 11:30am
OBJ & Essay Stenography 10:00am 12:00noon
OBJ & Essay Animal Husbandry 10:00am 12:00noon
OBJ & Essay Fisheries 10:00am 12:00noon
Paper I(a): Painting and Decoration (Report Writing) 10:00am 12:00noon
Paper I(a): Dyeing and Bleaching (Report Writing) 10:00am 12:00noon
Paper I(a): Printing Craft Practice (Report Writing) 10:00am 12:00noon
Paper I(a): Photography (Report Writing) 10:00am 12:00noon
Paper I(a): Leather Goods Manufacturing and Repair (Report Writing) 10:00am 12:00noon

Monday 25th June 2018
OBJ & Essay Agricultural Science 10:00am 12:30pm
OBJ & Essay Music 2:00pm 4:30pm
OBJ & Essay Metal Work 2:00pm 4:30pm

Tuesday 26th June 2018
OBJ & Essay Computer Studies 10:00am 1:00pm
Practical Basic Electricity 2:00pm 5:00pm
Paper IV: Practical Stenography (Word Processing) 2:00pm 4:00pm

Wednesday 27th June 2018
OBJ & Essay Hausa 10:00am 1:00pm
OBJ & Essay Igbo 10:00am 1:00pm
OBJ & Essay Yoruba 10:00am 1:00pm
OBJ & Essay Edo 10:00am 1:00pm
OBJ & Essay Efik 10:00am 1:00pm
OBJ & Essay Ibibio 10:00am 1:00pm
Paper II: Drama & Poetry Literature in English 2:30pm 4:10pm

Thursday 28th June 2018
OBJ Further Mathematics 10:00am 12:00noon
Essay Further Mathematics 12:15pm 2:45pm
OBJ & Essay Store Management 3:00pm 5:40pm

Monday 2nd July 2018
Paper III & II: Objective, Essay & Literature Arabic 10:00am 1:30pm
Paper III & IV: Objective & Drawing Technical Drawing 10:00pm- 12:30pm
OBJ & Essay Building Construction 2:30pm 4:30pm
OBJ & Essay Physical Education 2:30pm 4:30pm

Tuesday 3rd July 2018
OBJ & Essay Physics 10am 1pm
OBJ & Essay Foods & Nutrition 2:30pm 5pm

Tuesday 11th July 2018
OBJ & Essay Foods & Nutrition 10:00am 12:30pm
Paper I: Test of Practical Health Education 2:00pm 3:30pm
OBJ & Essay Health Education 3:40pm 5:40pm
Paper IV: Drawing & Design Woodwork 2:00pm 4:00pm

Wednesday 4th July 2018
Paper IV: Creative Design Visual Art 10:00am 1:00pm
Paper I: Drawing Visual Art 2:00pm 5:00pm
Practical Metal Work 2:00pm 5:00pm

Thursday 5th July 2018
Practical Electronics 3hrs 10:00am 1:00pm
OBJ & Essay Visual Art 10:00am 1:00pm
Paper I: Written Comprehension French 2:00pm 3:00pm
Paper II: Written Expression French 3:00pm 4:45pm

Friday 6th July 2018
Practical Data Processing 10:00am 1:00pm

Monday 9th July 2018
Practical Technical Drawing 3hrs 10:00am 1:00pm
OBJ & Essay Auto-Body Repair and Spray Painting 30mins 2:00pm 4:30pm
OBJ & Essay Auto Electrical Work 2:00pm 4:30pm
OBJ & Essay Auto Mechanical work 2:00pm 4:30pm
OBJ & Essay Welding & Fabrication Engineering Craft Practice 2:00pm 5:00pm
OBJ & Essay Plumbing & Pipe Fitting 2:00pm 4:30pm
OBJ & Essay Tourism 2:00pm 5:30pm
OBJ & Essay Store Keeping 2:00pm 4:40pm
OBJ & Essay Book Keeping 2:00pm 5:50pm
OBJ & Essay Salesmanship 2:00pm 4:40pm
OBJ & Essay Catering Craft Practice 2:00pm 4:30pm
OBJ & Essay Clothing & Textiles 2:00pm 4:30pm
OBJ & Essay Auto Parts Merchandising 2:00pm 4:15pm
OBJ & Essay Radio, Television & Electronics Work 2:00pm 4:30pm
OBJ & Essay Cosmetology 2:00pm 4:30pm
OBJ & Essay Minning 2:00pm 4:45pm
OBJ & Essay Data Processing 2:00pm 5:00pm
OBJ & Essay GSM Maintenance & Repairs 2:00pm 5:00pm
OBJ & Essay Marketing 2:00pm 4:40pm
OBJ & Essay- Garment Making 2:00pm 4:30pm

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